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Has Cloud Finally Killed Vaporware?

An interesting thought ran through my head the other day, I’ve been looking at a number of new cloud technologies, most of which have emerged fairly recently.  Remember the web 2.0 days of vague promises, long sales spiels, complex road-maps, Read More →

Cloud: Calculated Risk or Disruptive Innovation?

Cloud: Calculated Risk or Disruptive Innovation? Last week I attended a conference aimed at the ‘C’ suite, in particular C level IT executives.  I was invited by one of the presenters who is a past colleague and currently works in Security for Oracle.  There were a Read More →

Sizing Virtual Machines:

Sizing Virtual Machines: Sizing virtual machines (VM’s) is much more complex than sizing physical machines. The ability to share machine resources is one of the major reasons for using a Hypervisor.  There are lots of metrics out there designed to assist in sizing Read More →

Dynamic Compute and Scaling for load:

One aspect of deploying to the cloud is the ability to dynamically allocate resources based on load requirements.  While this sounds simple, the ability to leverage virtualization to provide dynamic allocation of resources is not as simple as it seems.  Read More →

Best Practices for Deploying MSSQL in a Virtualized Environment.

For some time the general consensus was that deploying MS SQL server on a Virtual Machine (VM) was a bad idea.  MSSQL was designed to scale up – not out and so many of the benefits of virtualization, were not Read More →