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Steve Worthington

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Steve is the Principal;

Steve has spent his entire career designing and building enterprise systems in a wide variety of vertical and horizontal markets, Including; Insurance, Financial Services, Marketing, Health Care, and Manufacturing and Distribution.

Over the last few years Steve has been actively involved in a number of aspects of Cloud. Steve is particularly passionate about evangelizing the promise of Cloud, educating and setting expectations. Subsequently designing both tactical and strategic plans, and building out Cloud technology to realize the benefits of Cloud.

Steve has worked with most of the Major Public Cloud vendors, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Softlayer (IBM Bluemix) and Rackspace, designing and building complex systems using various IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings. He has also worked on Private Clouds built on OpenStack, VMWare, and Microsoft platforms, and has extensive knowledge of using various Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, CloudBolt, CliQr, Enstratius, RightScale, and others).

He also has an excellent understanding of DevOps, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment paradigms, and tools, (Stackato, CloudFoundry, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Git, Jenkins etc.) along with a great architectural understanding, of Containers and Container management platforms (Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos).

He has been actively involved in architectural evaluation of the latest developments in Infrastructure, both hardware, and software defined, and how that affects both Private and Hybrid Cloud design. (Converged and HyperConverged, Extended MPLS, Public Cloud WAN connectivity, and NSX and ACI)

Steve has designed cloud security configurations at both Rackspace and AWS, and has a working knowledge of many of the latest cloud security stacks.

Recent Cloud projects have included:

  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy (AWS and Azure) and Next Gen Datacenter Infrastructure Design for Fortune 500
  • Financial Evaluation of Public vs Private Infrastructure for fortune 500
  • Assessment, POC and recommendation for CMP technology for fortune 500
  • Assessment and Implementation of HCI (Nutanix, Simplivity, Pivot3,EvoRail) for fortune 500
  • Design and build out of a complex Hybrid Cloud system Integrating On Premise Microsoft CRM and Oracle application with Custom Rackspace Web Development.
  • Build of Mobile to cloud based Dynamics ERP for POS.
  • Re-engineering a traditional “Scale Up” application to scale out in an elastic cloud model (AWS) using a distributed Hazlecast clustered IMDG, and complex Java based analytics.
  • Application assessment for cloud readiness for fortune 500
  • Design and delivery of Cloud Strategy workshops.
  • Design of Managed Cloud Services for both Private and Hybrid cloud operations.
  • Design of Services for Application Assessment, Refactoring and Migration to Public or Private Cloud.
  • Design of Private Cloud Platform to support vRealize
  • Design of Private Cloud Platform for containers – DCOS (Mesosophere)

One of Steve many strengths is to assess the needs of the organization from both a business and technology view, garner consensus as to the goals for Cloud, and build out a Roadmap and Strategy. Steve can bridge the gap between technology and business, being able to effectively communicate at both a deep technical level, and describe the concepts behind the technology and strategy to business leaders.

Steve is constantly researching new Cloud Technologies, and products, and working with in partnership with Clients to find the best fit for their needs.

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