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The Skills Gap – One of the biggest Cloud Problems for 2017?

It’s that time of year again when everyone is being asked to look into their crystal ball and predict what 2017 is going to hold in the Cloud World. I have been reading and listening to Podcasts, of all sorts. Read More →

Private Cloud is Dead, Long Live Private Cloud.

Having spent the last 15 months of my life, amongst other things, trying to build out services to support a Private Cloud, I have learned a few things: Our view of what a Private Cloud should be has been influenced Read More →

The most crowded, and most confusing space in the Cloud! CMP – Cloud Management Platforms:

CMP’s – Cloud Management Platforms: For an Enterprise to succeed in the cloud, any cloud be it; Public, Private or Hybrid there has to be Governance, without governance, the wild west prevails, anyone with a credit card and an expense Read More →

The Dichotomy of the Cloud

Why a Dichotomy? In it’s latest IaaS Magic Quadrant report, Gartner now defines two distinct cloud implementation types, Mode 1 and Mode 2; Mode1 refers to what is often called “Lift and Shift” of a workload, while Mode 2 refers Read More →

AWS and the Enterprise

AWS and the Enterprise I have seen a couple of industry analyst posting recently about what AWS is upto in the enterprise computing world, it is obviously a major play for AWS to get Enterprise IT Organizations to move their Read More →

Cloud Buzzword Bingo.

Cloud Buzzword Bingo. I suppose with the Cloud paradigms, and technologies moving so fast there has to be a need to change the Buzzwords and Acronyms from time to time. I just finished reading the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant on Read More →


Cloudwashing The term Cloudwashing (Cloud Washing) was coined a while ago, and was primarily used to describe Vendor products that were labeled ‘Cloud’, but were really thinly disguised offerings of traditional software (or services). The idea was that suddenly Read More →

Hyperconvergence and all that Jazz.

Hyperconvergence and all that Jazz. Hyperconvergence and all that Jazz. Ever since I was blown away by demonstrations of the latest offerings from SimpliVity last fall, I have been meaning to write a blog about Hyperconvergence. What is Hyperconvergence? At its simplest it’s taking multiple Read More →

Low Costs Public Cloud Storage…. or is it?

Low Costs Public Cloud Storage or is it? I have been reading a lot about cloud backups, the death of tape and low cost Public Cloud storage. I just completed an exercise for an enterprise customer that shows it’s not Read More →

Has Cloud Finally Killed Vaporware?

An interesting thought ran through my head the other day, I’ve been looking at a number of new cloud technologies, most of which have emerged fairly recently.  Remember the web 2.0 days of vague promises, long sales spiels, complex road-maps, Read More →