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Confused about the Cloud? What is "the cloud" and why should I use it? We are here to help you Navigate the Cloud. We will develop a Strategy for your Organization to effectively use the Cloud? We have experience building out Cloud Solutions. Use our expertise to navigate to your success, and Conquer the cloud!

Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud? Cloud as a Commodity!

AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, Rackspace, OpenStack, Containers?

What's best for your needs? How do you manage multiple Clouds? Can you use Cloud Bursting?

PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, Containers - What's next? XaaS (Everything as a Service)?

Confused yet? Do you need PaaS?, SaaS? or Pure IaaS?

Platforms, IaaS Providers, Hypervisors, Cloud Applications

We are here to help navigate the Cloud Options...

How can your Organization effectively use the Cloud?

Managed Services vs Hosted Services

How to determine what's right for you.

Databases: RDBMS vs Big Data, NewSQL, NoSQL and Memory Grids

Scale Out. Not Up, Which Datastore is Right?

Big Data Analytics and how to leverage the results.

Security: Cloud and Hypervisor Security, Data Encryption, Firewalls, HIPPA and PCI Compliance

How to build a secure cloud platform, Define and implement security policies.

How can your Organization effectively use the Cloud?